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    Robert Randall is an award winning creative entrepreneur, executive producer, photographer, director & investor specializing in the production, development and financing of still photography, video and film for advertising, digital media, publishing and entertainment companies worldwide. He is the Founder and Executive Producer at Robert Randall Productions and Executive Director at R3 Capital Group/R3 Global Media.


    Born in Oakland and raised in the Bay, Robert picked up the guitar at 7 and the camera at 12. With dreams of becoming a musician he devoted his time to his music and started a band. But dreams change and at 19 he ditched Nor Cal's budding high tech economy and headed down south with a new dream of becoming a professional photographer and director. Missing the requisite “Trust Fund” for Brooks Institute and frequently distracted by the beaches, girls, beer and the beautiful Santa Barbara weather Robert instead took the 5 year plan to a degree in Business Economics at the University of California Santa Barbara.


    Armed with a business degree, Robert took a job with a major Wall Street firm and headed way up north to the Emerald City. But after four of years cold-calling Microsoft Millionaires in the land of rain and lattes he learned very quickly the hard lesson that chasing money for money's sake is a fools errand and that life, without passion is pointless.


    Opening his first photography studio in Seattle in 1992 he started his career as a fashion and beauty photographer shooting for local magazines and designers. Expanding his portfolio into the areas of fitness, sports, lifestyle and portraiture he began to venture out of the studio and proceeded to get rained out 32 times in one year. So he ditched the Pacific Northwest (and the studio) and headed back home to warmer climates in Southern California and has never looked back.


    As a “location specialist” for over 20 years, his assignments now take him around the world. He has produced campaigns for international brands such as Speedo, CNBC, Marriott and Nikon and been published in magazines such as Oxygen, Glamour, Islands and Natural Health. He has also photographed star athletes and personalities such as Martina Hingis, Stan Lee & Cat Zingano.. Robert splits his time between Los Angeles, Denver & New York with his wife Dawn and a Border Collie named Roxy that you will frequently find on set.


    Photographer, Director, Producer & Musician (he still plays a the guitar), Traveler, Adventurer, native Californian and devoted environmentalist, his photography elicits the feeling and mood derived from the natural beauty and athleticism of the California lifestyle no matter where in the world he may may be shooting.


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    Current Projects We Are Working On


    California Coast Fine Art Series

    Ongoing photography series of limited edition fine art prints photographed along the coast of Southern California from Santa Barbara to the Mexican Border.


    Visit our California Coast Gallery where you can view the entire series and purchase these limited edition fine art prints. Don't forget to check back often as we are updating the gallery with new prints all of the time.


    A new portfolio of environmental portraits of individuals "working" and/or "playing" at their jobs. The goal of the project is to highlight people doing what could easily be defined either as "work" but to capture those individuals, so fully immersed in that activity (in a state of "flow") that the line between work and play has blurred or vanished all together.


    This project is in its infancy but I hope to make significant progress in 2019. Visit our current portfolio at robertrandall.com.

    Stumbling Into The Sun

    A Screenplay

    In Production



    Direct Experience

    We are currently casting professional and semiprofessional athletes for their upcoming documentary film and large format photography book featuring extreme athletes from around the US and Internationally.


    “Direct Experience” will follow each athlete through they're training regimen, physical and mental preparation and culminate in a dramatic visual profile combining video and still photography. “We are looking moments of peak experience… flow, those moments when an athlete is 1000% invested in their sport and nothing, literally nothing has their attention except the task at hand” said Direct Experience creator Robert Randall.


    Announcements with updated imagery and video will posted on social media as the project progresses offering athletes additional opportunities to promote their individual brands.


    For consideration, please email production@robertrandall.com with the following information :


    First Name/Last Name/Short Bio

    Your athletic discipline? [Track & Field, Skiing, Rock Climbing, etc…]

    Recent competitions (if any)?

    Social Media Links?

    Agency (if applicable) I.E. Sports & Lifestyle Unlimited, Wilhelmina Fitness, etc..


    Web Site?



    Beauty in Natural Light

    I am currently shooting a new portfolio of beauty and fashion imagery lit only with direct, ambient or reflected sunlight. The majority of the images will be photographed on medium format film but no doubt opportunities will arise where some of the images will be shot digitally.


    Check in at www.robertrandall.com for new work

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