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Fitness and Activewear Photo Shoot for CW-X Compression Wear

Photographed in Carlsbad, CA by Los Angeles Fitness Photographer Robert Randall Productions

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Recent fitness and activewear photoshoot in Carlsbad, CA for CWX-Compression Wear. We had the great opportunity for work with this fabulous company and specifically their representative Karina Connelly who was unbelievably fun and to work with. As usual, the talent we hired was spectacular. Silvia Ribiero whom I’ve worked with in several occasions came to me as direct hire and Jamie Silverman through Otto Models in Los Angeles. My incredible Make-up/Hair Stylist Elvisa Sehic rocked the shoot as usual and my amazing crew, First Assistant Tom Cisneros and 2nd Assistant Matt Davis kept everything moving and me out of trouble.

Special thanks to the city of Carlsbad, CA that let us take over their boardwalk and Carlsbad State Beach for the day with no hassles whatsoever. (Little secret: San Diego county is the most production friendly city I’ve ever worked in and within about a 20 sq. mile radius you can shoot anywhere from city to sea to desert to rural to suburban and on and on and on).Just don’t let that get out or we’ll have photo and film crews down from LA crawling all over our beautiful city. Actually I love shooting in Los Angeles…. San Diego is just easier.

Just a few of the shots from our shoot for Fall/Winter 18 & Spring/Summer 19. We're shooting Fall/Winter 19 next month so….. Watch this Space!!

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