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Here are some more images from our most recent photoshoot for CW-X Compression Gear.

While we are still observing all “Stay at Home” recommendations we will be posting more work from this shoot as CW-X rolls out their new line. For the last several years we have been photographing their web and advertising campaigns and each shoot brings a new opportunity to create something beautiful. CW-X gives us a great deal of creative freedom and their Brand Manager, Karina Connelly is just amazing to work with. Hopefully we will be able to get out and shoot for them again fairly soon as these are some of the most fun projects that we do all year. These images were taken at two different locations; San Clemente, CA in Orange County and Tuxedo Studios in Los Angeles. We had the great opportunity to work with some amazing talent from Sports & Lifestyle Unlimited and of course my incredible Southern California production team Elleveesa, Matt Davis and Tom Cisneros.

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